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Ways to Give
Our role is to make philanthropy effective, easy and flexible for you, so you can get started with discovering your passion right away. As a donor to The Community Foundation of Ellis, you have several giving options ranging from outright contributions to planned giving vehicles. We are flexible in our ability to receive many kinds of assets including stocks, property and cash.

And because we are a public charity, you receive important tax benefits by donating to us – an income tax charitable deduction now, and the reduction or avoidance of future estate taxes. If you use securities or other appreciated property to make gifts, capital gains taxes are usually eliminated, and you can take a charitable deduction equal to the full, fair market value of the gift.

Direct Current Gifts

Donors may establish (and later add to) any of The Community Foundation of Ellis various fund types by contributing a variety of types of assets during their lifetime. Current gifts generate the most beneficial charitable income tax deduction available under the law, while at the same time removing the contributed assets from the donor’s estate for estate tax purposes.

Types of Assets

The Community Foundation has the technical expertise and resources to accept any appropriate asset as a charitable contribution. We work with donors and their professional advisors to create and complete sophisticated giving strategies. In addition to cash, we regularly accept gifts of:

  • Publicly Traded Stock
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds and other debt obligations
  • Real Estate—complete or partial interests in residential or commercial real estate
  • Land
  • Restricted Stock
  • Intangible/Intellectual property


• 820 Washington • P.O. Box 181 • Ellis, Kansas 67637 • 785-726-2660