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Remember the Foundation

Anytime of the year, but especially when we approach the end of the year, many individuals are continuing their efforts of gifting local charities or organizations that are dear to their hearts. The Community Foundation of Ellis would like to encourage individuals to invest in their community also.   Each year the foundation supports an annual campaign called, “Giving Back to Ellis,” designed to invest in Ellis and its future. 

As we reflect on all the ways we are thankful for the community we love and enjoy, a donation to the Community Foundation of Ellis brings with it an opportunity for each of us to be part of our continuing effort to enhance the quality of life for all who live in Ellis.  By giving to the foundation, you are able to make a tax-deductible donation which will provide for local grants, Ellis Food Boxes and Pantry, Food4Kids Weekend program, Food4Kids: Summer, Food That’s in When School is Out program and other projects and improvements around Ellis. Because of your support and the support of the community, the Foundation has distributed over $200,000 to Ellis over the past several years enriching our community. One hundred percent of all donations stay in Ellis. There are no administration fees. 

In the fall, each Ellis resident receives through the mail the Foundation’s Giving Form. The Foundation depends on the generosity of our community. Please show your support through a cash gift or through a non-cash* charitable gift.  Donate now and your donation can be directed now or at a later date. Please join your neighbors and invest in Ellis and its future. To donate or obtain a giving form, stop by 820 Washington, P.O. Box 181, Ellis or call 726-2660. 

*Non-cash charitable gift: There are many options for giving that don’t involve the transfer of green cash. One option is to add your foundation as a beneficiary on your life insurance or IRA plan.  A portion of 1% is a wonderful gift. A gift of land, appreciated stock, real estate, grain or livestock have tax benefits to be given. 


• 820 Washington • P.O. Box 181 • Ellis, Kansas 67637 • 785-726-2660